Alamo Remedy Launches new YouTube channel

We are happy to announce the launch of our new Alamo Remedy YouTube channel.

With our growing CBD community, we think this is the perfect platform to share the benefits and positive experiences of using CBD and to highlight all the work we’re doing for the greater good of the industry.

Our most recent video takes viewers to the Flying Bull Ranch in Barksdale, Texas where veterans and industry leaders meet with Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller to discuss the state’s new hemp program.

Veterans are some of our biggest supporters, and in this video, they share which Alamo Remedy product works best for them. From our CBD Lotion to our Hemp Flower, learn how and why some of our veterans use Alamo Remedy to help alleviate their service-related chronic pain.

The video was showcased at this year’s online Texan’s Veteran Cannabis Conference. Watch the 3-minute video by clicking here.

If you have a YouTube account, be sure to subscribe to the Alamo Remedy YouTube channel and enable notifications so you’ll know as soon as a new video goes live. Also, don’t forget to like our videos and share with family and friends so they can learn more about us.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy our new channel!