Alamo Remedy Difference

At Alamo Remedy, we know not all CBD products are created equal. And just because your health product is “made from plants” doesn’t mean it’s completely safe.

Products vary in quality for two main reasons: 1) The industry is fairly new 2) It isn’t highly-regulated. What this means is that the level of quality is up to the CBD manufacturers and vendors. That also means you can’t just trust anyone, especially when purchasing a product that you’ll be ingesting. You need to think about how that product was created, and where and how that product originated.

To help you identify reputable brands in a sea of CBD companies, consider asking yourself the following questions when shopping online.

Is it Organically Sourced?

The hemp plant is known to be a hyperaccumulator, which means it can easily absorb everything from its soil – including harmful metallic waste, pesticides and other pollutants. That’s why it’s so important that the plant is grown organically. Alamo Remedy sources its organically grown hemp from the rich soils of Kentucky, where our supplier GenCanna™ utilizes an expert team of in-house farmers, botanists, scientists, developers and operators to ensure industry leading quality hemp from seed to plant. That said, be rest assured Alamo Remedy products contains zero toxins, zero animal testing, zero contaminants, and zero B.S.! Alamo Remedy products are 100% good for you and good for the planet.

Is it Manufactured in a Food-Grade, GMP Compliant Facility?

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) encompasses all aspects of production: from the starting materials, the premises, the equipment, the training processes, the hygiene of the staff, etc. GMP means that – every single time a product is made – there is a detailed, documented proof that correct procedures are consistently followed in each and every step. Every Alamo Remedy product has a detailed Good Manufacturing Practice. They’re also NSF-certified, meaning it’s been certified by an independent, internationally-recognized governing body to ensure that your wellness supplement meets the public and safety standards implemented around the globe for food, water, and medicines.

Is it Third-Party Lab Tested?

Third-party lab tests are an unbiased, scientific-based confirmation that your CBD is clean and pure. All brands who are confident in what they’re selling will have proof of third-party lab tests. To ensure the finest quality, we regularly conduct third-party lab testing on all Alamo Remedy products. In fact, Alamo Remedy is so particular that we test all our CBD isolate before it even enters our commercial kitchen, and then we test batches of final products randomly to ensure the highest quality and most consistent delivery of cannabinoids to your system. Test results available online –

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We live for this stuff and would LOVE to answer all of your questions, from purity to extraction method and testing methods or labs we utilize. Please don’t hesitate to ask; no question is too small! Our phone representatives are available to answer your questions 24/7 and consultations are available by appointment with our various Alamo Remedy Alignment Area(™) experts.