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Alamo Remedy Proud Sponsor of the First Taste of Texas Hemp Cup

Alamo Remedy was proud to sponsor the Taste of Texas Hemp Cup hosted on Saturday, Dec.12, in Wimberly, Texas. The inaugural event from Grow House Media, which was also streamed live to thousands of viewers, called hemp lovers from across the state to celebrate and award the top Terp...

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What is CBD?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a compound that comes from Cannabis Sativa plant and is found in the class called “cannabinoids”. Contrary to the myth that CBD can get you ‘high’, the compound comes from the non-psychoactive part of the plant and therefore, does not lead to euphoria....

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Alamo Remedy Launches new YouTube channel

We are happy to announce the launch of our new Alamo Remedy YouTube channel. With our growing CBD community, we think this is the perfect platform to share the benefits and positive experiences of using CBD and to highlight all the work we’re doing for the greater good of...

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Weekend with Sid Miller and Alamo Remedy by Major David E. Bass, U.S. Army, Retired

I recently was honored to spend a weekend with Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller at the Flying Bull Ranch to discuss the new hemp program in our state. I represented Texas veterans along with my longtime friend and fellow medical marijuana advocate, Air Force veteran Anita Sommers, AKA the...

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Go Local, GO TEXAN

There’s no denying our Texas pride! Alamo Remedy is officially a new GO TEXAN partner. As a part of the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), the GO TEXAN program celebrates and supports agricultural products, culture and communities that call Texas home. Since the program’s inception in 1999, millions of...

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Welcome to Alamo Remedy: Affordable, High Quality CBD

Texas may be big, but that doesn’t mean the cost of your wellness should be too.  Welcome to Alamo Remedy – an affordable line of premium CBD products made for Texans, by Texans. Setting the new standard for lower priced, high quality CBD products online, our collection includes hemp-derived...

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Community is huge to us here at Alamo Remedy. We were founded by two Texan natives who are passionate about CBD education and wellness for Texans, and as such we know how important it is for us to give back to where we call “home.”  Whether you’re a fan...

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Alamo Remedy Difference

At Alamo Remedy, we know not all CBD products are created equal. And just because your health product is “made from plants” doesn’t mean it’s completely safe. Products vary in quality for two main reasons: 1) The industry is fairly new 2) It isn’t highly-regulated. What this means is...

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